're getting married! You're about to enter a brand-new phase of your life with the person you love most. Now, if only you could do something about the time and expense of planning a wedding! Take a look at these figures on the national average for the cost of a wedding and reception:

  • Average wedding budget: $28,427
  • Average spent on the wedding dress: $1,211
  • Biggest portion of the budget: Venue, $12,905

It's a big day, of course, but some of these numbers really add up. For example, the national average spent on a reception band is $3,084! Seeing the cold, hard numbers on the page may make you think: what else could you do with that money?

Would You Rather Have the "Perfect Wedding"...

It's easy to fall into the emotional trap of wanting everything to be perfect on your wedding day. But what's important is that you're marrying the love of your life. Your life together is going to be amazing because you chose the right person, not because you picked the most expensive favors and flowers.

The "perfect wedding" myth makes you think your wedding is a symbol: If you want your love to be perfect, you need to make sure your wedding day is perfect. But your wedding isn't a symbol of how your life is going to be. Instead, it's a symbol of your commitment to your partner. Can you survive the craziness of planning and paying for a wedding? If so, chances are you can make it through anything!

For example, suppose it rains, or the caterers serve green beans instead of carrots, or you let your cousin DJ instead of hiring a professional. Does that mean things will also go less than perfect the next day and the next day? No. You'll still be in love, and you'll still be you. But you'll have a lot less stress and lot more money in your bank account.

...or the "Perfect Life"?

The things we remember are the memories we make. Sure, we can make memories by buying expensive things (like an engagement ring that costs $5,431, the national average). But in the end, the quiet moments of love and laughter are what we're likely to remember. And you can't put a price tag on that. All you can do is enjoy them while you have them, and be smart about planning for your future.

That future hopefully includes life insurance. It's not sexy or romantic or guaranteed to impress your relatives. But it tells your new spouse that you love them and want them to be taken care of financially if something happens to you. It means you value their life and their happiness. It means you put someone else first. Isn't that what marriage is all about?

Check out the video below for more reasons why newlyweds need life insurance:

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