Tired of paying out of pocket every time you need a cleaning or a cavity filled? Worried about the health of your teeth and gums? Dental insurance may be the answer you're looking for.

What Is Dental Insurance?

About 55% of all Americans have dental insurance plans. It provides coverage for services relating to the care and treatment of your teeth and gums. Typically, it covers these kinds of services:

  • Semi-annual check-ups (including your cleaning)
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Tooth restorative procedures
  • Tooth extraction
  • Oral surgery
  • Root canals
  • Fillings, dentures, bridges, or crowns
  • Orthodontics

How Much Does It Cost?

Dental insurance is usually inexpensive—often under $150 or $200 per year. It may cost a little more to buy a family plan that covers you and a spouse or you and your whole family. It you're in the market for cheap dental insurance, your best bet is to use a quoter that compares prices instantly. No matter which plan you select, the overall cost is still far below many other household expenses, including cell phone plans and cable TV.

How Does It Work?

Plans can work two different ways. With the first, your insurer pays for the services you receive. They make the payment to your dentist. With the second, you'll be asked to pay for the services you receive at the time of your appointment, and then file a claim with your insurer for reimbursement. Most dental plans also have a list of approved dentists that you'll need to visit for your care and services. Some plans have co-payments and deductibles, although in most cases, deductibles don't apply to your regular 6-month checkups and cleanings.

Where Do You Get It?

Right here! You can get a fast, free quote on my website.

Who Should Have It?

Anyone who has access to a dental insurance plan should take advantage of it because the benefits outweigh the small cost. If you don't have coverage and have no dental problems, you could go without insurance and "pay as you go" for your 6-month checkups. But what if you get a toothache, or a cavity? If you have kids, what if they need braces? If your dental expenses are already relatively high and you don't have employer coverage, you should definitely think about buying coverage. If you have children, dental insurance is a great safeguard for your budget if your kids start needing procedures or orthodontics.

If you're ready to look into dental insurance, call me or send me an email today!