You probably know that vision insurance can help you pay for yearly eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. But you might not know just how much your insurance contributes on your behalf. Let's take a specific look at just how much you can save with vision insurance.


In most cases, your insurance will pay a standard dollar value toward your new lenses or frames. If you want materials that are more expensive, it will be up to you to pay the difference. But your standard contribution from the insurer will go pretty far! For example, using a VSP vision plan, you get new lenses every 12 months. This includes:

  • single vision lenses
  • lined bifocals
  • lined trifocals

New single vision lenses range in price from inexpensive (about $40 for plain plastic) to the very expensive ($250 for thin, high index lenses). Lined bifocal lenses in regular plastic cost anywhere from $75 to $100, without any special coating or features. Lined trifocal lenses usually start at about $100 and can cost as much as $220 if you select thinner plastic with polarization. That's a lot of money for lenses!


Now, let's add your lenses to the cost of new frames. Most plans offer new frames every 24 months. VSP, for example, will pay $130 toward your choice of frames. If you want frames that cost $130, they're free to you. You can also opt for more expensive frames, and use that $130 toward their total cost.

Savings in a 24-Month Period

Let's take a look at how much those savings add up to over a 2-year cycle.

  • Frames: $130
  • Lenses: $40 per year x 2 years = $80 (estimated minimum value)
  • Exam: $100 x 2 exams = $200 (average cost per exam)
  • Total: $410+

Most vision insurance for individuals costs between $10 and $15 each month. By the end of that 24-month period, you'll have saved almost $100. The savings multiply for each family member you enroll in the insurance. A family of four could be saving over $400!

Plus, if you wear contact lenses, the savings are even bigger since the contact lens fitting exam always costs more than a standard yearly eye exam.

If you need glasses or contacts, vision insurance can make sure your family gets all the care they need at a discounted rate.

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