If you're wondering whether you really need full coverage dental insurance, consider this: your teeth are a good clue to the overall condition of your health. Keeping them clean and healthy can actually help ward off bad health!

Scientists, doctors, and dentists agree...anything that gets you to visit the dentist more frequently is a good thing. That's where private dental insurance comes in.

What Can Regular Dental Check-Ups Do for Me?

Regular dental care keeps your mouth germ-free. Those germs, we're learning, often lead to more serious health conditions that will be much more expensive to treat that a simple cavity.

Without regular care and cleanings, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay can also contribute to:

  • Heart disease. When bacteria from your mouth enter your bloodstream, they can help clog your arteries and lead to heart disease.
  • Premature birth. Scientists don't know exactly why yet, but women with gum disease are about 7 times more likely to have a premature baby.
  • Diabetes. Your body has a harder time controlling its blood sugar with gum disease. Nip gum disease in the bud, and you're less likely to develop diabetes.
  • Lung disease. The bacteria that are bad for your heart are also bad for your lungs. You don't want decaying teeth to go untreated, allowing those bacteria to attack your heart and lungs.

How Does Dental Insurance Help with This?

With most plans, your twice-yearly dental exams and cleanings are free or low-cost. If you choose a dental PPO plan, you could pay nothing at all for these routine exams and cleanings. If you choose a dental discount plan, you'll probably have a small co-pay (under $50) for each cleaning/exam. That's a steeply discounted price, compared to paying out of pocket.

When the care you need is less expensive, you're more likely to make that appointment. If you had to pay out of pocket, it's far more likely you'd put it off due to other bills, or the fear of paying for any restorative work the dentist thinks you need. But when you're insured, you know you can get the care you need...and so can your family members. If you've been dealing with a toothache for awhile now, you can also look for dental insurance no waiting period plans that will help you get the care you need without a 3- or 6-month waiting period.

If you're ready to look into dental insurance, please call me or send an email today!