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We work with more than 40 of the nation's top life insurance providers, including:

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Our awesome staff & licensed agents are here to help you get the right policy at the right price! Let us do the heavy lifting for you - we'll shop the nation's top carriers and show you the policies that meet your needs and your budget. Call 800-823-4852 now to get your free quote!

Meet the Team

Christine Orris Debby Strouse Tammy Walde
Christine Orris
Team Lead

“I’ve been in the life insurance industry for 25 years. In addition to life insurance, I’m also experienced in disability and property & casualty insurance (home & auto coverage). I especially enjoy helping my higher risk clients find the best possible coverage. The whole purpose of buying life insurance is to protect the ones you love! After hours, you can find me camping, gardening, hiking, boating, and spending time with my wonderful husband, two children, and fur babies.”
Debby Strouse
Insurance Advisor

“I have 17 years of experience in the life insurance industry. I come from a teaching background, so my favorite part of this job is being able to teach someone who’s new to life insurance. I explain that life insurance is for protection. It prevents families from the financial trauma of losing a loved one so their focus can stay on mourning. My mother passed with no insurance, and we had to sell her things to pay for final expenses. I really do care about helping my clients and I don’t want them to go through that. When I’m not at work, my grandchildren and my kids are my world.”
Tammy Walde
Insurance Advisor

“I started in the insurance industry when I was still in high school. Shortly after, I obtained my license and I’ve been helping families with their insurance needs ever since. No one can truly predict the future. But life insurance means you and your loved ones can prepare for the loss of income. I have a client that wanted to set aside money for his daughter’s wedding, if he was not able to be there. That brought me to tears. When I’m not helping clients, I love fishing in local rivers and lakes. Everybody can see me coming with my pink fishing jacket.”
Client Barry sitting with his daughter on her bed

Term Life Insurance

"It's the right thing to do."

Meet our client, Barry. He's 36 years old and just locked in a low rate on a 20-year $1 million term life policy for $33 per month.* Great rate, right? Barry thought so, too.

It’s all about taking care of my family. It’s something you just have to do, you know? And ever since I got my policy, my stress level and blood pressure has gone down. I did not realize how much I worried about it until I signed the paperwork. Suddenly, those worries went away. It feels good to know I did the right thing.” – Barry T.

Now, if anything happens to him, his wife and two kids will get $1,000,000 – all income tax free.

*Quoted rate valid as of 7/21/22. Male, age 36, non-smoker, preferred plus health class, GA resident.

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Spotlight: Mortgage Protection

Term life fits the bill

New homeowners Sarah and Tyler had just bought a house for $400,000. So they came to us looking for policies that would cover that amount for the length of their mortgage. We found them each a 30-year $500,000 term life policy for under $30 per month.** Now, there’s plenty left in the budget for Sarah’s bathroom renovation project.

Big thanks to the team at Wholesale. We didn’t really know what we were looking for, but you guys helped us find policies we could afford. You answered every question we had, which was alot. Thanks again!
– Sarah and Tyler J.

If you have a mortgage, it’s a good idea to shop for a policy that covers at least the length of that mortgage. That way, if you passed away suddenly, your family wouldn’t be in danger of losing that house. With over 40 insurers to shop with, we can help you find the policy that fits your needs and budget. Ready to get started?

**Quoted rates valid as of 7/21/22. Male, 27, non smoker, preferred plus health class, 30-year term, $29/month. Female, 27, non smoker, preferred plus health class, 30-year term, $24/month. CA residents.

Man and woman dancing in the kitchen to celebrate their new home

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Woman in her 40s standing outside an office building, smiling before she goes in to work

New Job, New Policy

Term life to the rescue

I was a stay-at-home mom for almost 20 years! Now that my daughter left for college, I decided to see if I could go back to work. I did get a job, but it’s an hour away from my house. The commute scared me a little, so I decided to buy life insurance. You know, just in case anything happened. I want my daughter to finish college and have the money to pay off the mortgage. This is our house and I want my future grandkids to grow up here. I feel better knowing that I’m doing everything I can to help my family.
– Irene P.

When we first talked to Irene, looking out for her future grandkids was her main goal. We helped her get an affordable 15-year policy to cover her while she’s in her new phase of life as a working woman. By that point, the mortgage will be paid off and no matter what happens in between, her beloved family home can be safely transferred to her daughter for the next generation.

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Did you know?

Term life insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance. If you're on a budget, this is your best bet for coverage. With term lengths up to 40 years, it's easy to find a policy that can meet your needs and your budget.

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What’s the Best Term Life Insurance Policy?

We can help you figure it out

Term life insurance is the simplest and cheapest type of life insurance. For many of our clients, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to get the amount of coverage they need without paying too much.

Here’s a quick list of features to note about term life insurance:

✓ Most affordable type of life insurance coverage
✓ Choose a convenient amount of coverage, from 1-40 years
✓ Available with no medical exam
✓ Options to renew or convert to a permanent policy
✓ Fixed payment amount for your entire term

If you’re wondering how to buy term life insurance online, we can help. The fastest way to get the best rates for guaranteed term life insurance is to use our online quoter. You can choose from the most affordable rates and plans available, and even start the application process online.

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Portrait of a family of three - Dad is making a funny face, while Mom and their son smile for the camera

What Can My Family Do with the Life Insurance Money?

Anything they want!

Your loved ones can use your term life insurance payout for a lot more than covering the cost of a funeral or burial expenses. Many families buy it specifically for these reasons:

  • Pay for child care
  • Fund higher education
  • Cover debts or liabilities, like a mortgage
  • Fund a buy-sell agreement for a business
  • Protect against the loss of a key employee
  • Replace an income stream

There are no restrictions on what your loved ones can do with that money. When you buy term life insurance, you’re buying a result: a payout for your family when you pass away. In most cases, that cash is also income-tax-free, so they don’t have to worry about any tax implications for the future. Think of it one last gift to the people you love most.

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Save up to 70%: Comparison of each carrier’s best published rates for a 10-year level term policy, 30-year-old non-smoking female. Your actual term life insurance premium can only be determined by a full application and the carrier's underwriting process, which may include some medical testing at their expense. Depending on the carrier, premiums can be paid on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly basis. Monthly premium rates may be available via EFT (electronic funds transfer). Not all carrier policies are available at all durations for all ages in all states. By providing your phone number and the name of your wireless carrier, you agree to's privacy policy and terms of use. You also agree to receive communication from us at the phone number(s) you provide. Our communication with you may include autodialed or pre-recorded calls, emails, and SMS or MMS messages. You may opt out at any time. You may also call us directly at (800) 823-4852.

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