If you're creating a New Year's Resolution, you're not alone. More than 45% of Americans do the same! According to Fidelity Investments, almost half (46%) of those resolutions relate to personal finance. If you're looking to whip your finances into shape, this is the year...and I have the tools that can help.

Here are 4 easy tips to get you started:

  1. Set clear financial goals. Before you decide exactly how much money to save and invest, you should have a clear financial goal in mind. At what age do you want to retire? Are you going to help your kids through college? How much money will you need each month during retirement? Don't be surprised if this estimate turns out to be a pretty big number. Many families find they need more than $1 million to cover all these costs. Luckily, I have lots of ways to help you get there!
  2. Save for a rainy day. Some kinds of saving are easy. You can divert a portion of your paycheck into an emergency fund, or you can contribute to a 401(k) or IRA. But did you know that buying permanent life insurance is another way to save? All permanent life insurance accounts have cash value that grows over time. Over time, you'll end up with enough money to supplement your retirement 100% tax-free—think of it as an enforced savings account that comes with a hefty death benefit to boot.
  3. Protect your family. There's nothing more important than family. That's why it's essential to protect them with life insurance. What most people don't know is that life insurance does a lot more than protect your family if something happens to you. If you need money to pay for healthcare during a serious or terminal illness, you can use your life insurance. If you are disabled and can't work, many policies have options that cancel your monthly payments. Insurance providers know modern families want value—and today's policies have built-in ways to make your money work harder.
  4. Plan for retirement. If you're like many families, you're worried about outliving your retirement savings. Even with your life insurance cash value, you're still wondering...what if I don't have enough? What if Social Security isn't there for me? It's a scary thought, I know! That's why I recommend annuities. They're a great way to convert a 401(k) or pension payout into guaranteed income for life. Take all the worry and stress out of budgeting—and just cash a check every month for the rest of your life.

If this sounds good, I can help you take the first steps right now.

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