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We work with more than 40 of the nation's top life insurance providers, including:

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Cash Value Whole Life Insurance

Create opportunities

Meet Jason and Kelly – clients we met years ago after they were first married. Back in the day, we helped them find whole life policies as they were starting a family. Today, their oldest son is already in college! Their daughter is a senior in high school, and they’re looking ahead to retirement.

So we asked Jason: how do you feel about your choice to buy cash value whole life insurance?

And he answered: “Are you kidding? I feel great about it. We used some of our cash value to pay for Jayden’s first year of college. It’s looking like Danielle wants to skip college, so we’ll have some cash value left over to use during retirement. Which is good news, with all the talk of a recession coming.”

Here’s how Kelly answered: “Having that cash value was like a safety net. I didn’t have to worry about what happened if I died, or if we hit a financial rough patch. We were taken care of, no matter what. I can’t tell you what that meant to me.”

Cash value whole life insurance protects your family in two ways. It pays a benefit if something happens to you. Plus, it grows cash value over time that you can pull from for anything you need. College tuition, extra retirement income, you name it. The sooner you start, the more cash value you can build.

Grow cash value and protect your loved ones!

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What’s It Like Working with Us?

Claudia's Story

“Honestly, I was just guessing when I started looking for a policy. I don’t know anything about life insurance. So I just picked a random number when I got a quote, but turns out, that wasn’t enough.

Then an agent called me and she was so easy to talk to. Her name is Debby. She explained everything. She even told me why she was asking every question so I would know. And I’m sure I asked her some dumb questions, but she was always patient with me.

I couldn’t believe the rate I got. Way better than I’d hoped for. I’m so grateful to Debby. I never understood how important life insurance was, but she explained that to me. Hearing her talk about it made it real for me.” – Claudia C.

Let us help you get covered just like Claudia!

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"I’m a Smoker and I Still Got Covered"

Health problems, high-risk hobbies, smokers: we’ve seen it all

Our client, Ron, wasn’t sure what to expect when he applied for whole life insurance.

I smoke the occasional cigar, so I never applied before. But my wife kept asking me about it, so I did it to make her happy. Christine answered my call and I felt much better after talking to her. Turns out, life insurance companies have rules for whether you’re really considered a smoker. And because I don’t smoke all the time, I got a way cheaper rate than I thought I would. Shout out to Christine for explaining how that works because I never would have known.”

Think you have a habit or health condition that locks you out of life insurance coverage? Let us do a little digging for you! We’ve helped clients with diabetes, high blood pressure, and a history of smoking all get covered.

Don’t wait to get covered!

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Tax-Free Benefits

Grow your assets, not your tax bill

Why choose cash value whole life insurance? The cash value portion of your account grows with interest over time. That’s tax-free money for you – and your loved ones.

It’s right there in these sections of the IRS tax codes:

  • Section 72e ensures the money in your policy’s cash value grows tax free
  • Section 101a means your beneficiaries get the death benefit as a tax-free lump sum
  • Section 7702 allows you to access gains tax free – in the form of policy loans, for example
Illustration of a gold coin with arrows around it, symbolizing making your money grow

Is life insurance a better investment than property?

People invest in property because they think it’s something stable they can hand down to the next generation. But is it the most effective way to grow your money? Let’s look at what happens to property that’s treated as investment:

Option 1

Invest $6,000 in 2 acres of land

  • Average land value increase: 7.8% per acre per year
  • Initial broker fee:-2% ($120)
  • Property taxes, 30 years’ worth: -$5,635
  • Vacant land insurance, 30 years’ worth: -$6,750
  • Selling price, 30 years later: $53,000
  • Real estate commission: -5% ($2,650)
  • Best case return based on averages: $38,584.25 (not guaranteed) = 543% ROI

Option 2

Buy a Cash Value Whole Life Insurance Policy

  • Quoted rate for a 30-year-old male, non-smoker, Preferred Plus health class for $500,000 of whole life coverage: $172/month - $2,035/year
  • 45-year cost, assuming a death at age 75: $91,575
  • Cash value portion of the policy continues to grow and can be used for anything you want. You can even take a loan out against it if an emergency or investment opportunity arises.
  • Guaranteed $500,000 payout to your beneficiaries when you die. It’s 100% tax free, not subject to probate court or debt collection. Credit card companies and Uncle Sam can’t touch it!
  • Return: 546% ROI paid to your loved ones as a final gift - a similar percentage to the property example, but look at the payout! $38,584 versus $500,000: which would do your loved ones more good?

This is a best-case scenario assuming real estate prices will only go up from where they are today. Most economists would say this is unlikely, considering the recent economic consequences of COVID-19. Chances are if you buy at the top, that price is going to fall.

Remember, real estate markets fluctuate. Your death benefit does not.

And what would happen if you decide to keep this property in the family? Then it would be subject to probate court, where taxes and any outstanding debt could be taken from your estate. That’s not the best way to transfer wealth to the next generation.

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Still think property is a better investment than cash value whole life insurance?

Two things can happen when you buy property:

If the value goes up: Great, but you only make money if you sell it. Don’t forget about property tax; depending on where you live, it may increase every single year the value does. Plus, if you sell, your profits are taxable unless that property was your main residence for at least 2 years. True, you can refinance to access some equity, but you still pay interest and fees and property tax.
If the value goes down: You lose equity, plus you still have to pay property tax.

When you die, your property goes to probate courts and may be subject to substantial reductions from estate tax and debtors.

Two things do happen when you buy cash value whole life insurance:

During your life: Your payment amount stays the same, but your cash value increases.
After your death: The payout is issued tax free, paid directly to your beneficiaries.

In the end, property is a risky burden...and life insurance is an instant, life changing gift.

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Did you know?

The life insurance industry is the backbone of the global economy. Why? The U.S. government set up the tax codes to allow the industry to flourish, establishing a massive economic tool that allows YOU to remain INDEPENDENT when you retire.

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Illustration of a gold coin with arrows around it, symbolizing making your money grow

A Choice to Make

Let’s face it – if you have money in your bank account, you have a choice to make

Should you let that money sit inflation decreases its buying power? Or should you take action? If you’re like many of our clients, you want to do something to protect and grow your money.

That’s where cash value whole life insurance comes into play. It’s a type of permanent life insurance that covers you for your entire life – so no matter when you pass away, your loved ones are guaranteed to get a cash payout. The cash value portion of your account grows with interest over time, providing you with a source of extra funds you can use for anything you want: extra retirement income, college tuition, a family trip...anything you want!

How does whole life insurance compare to other forms of investment?

Even the bank can’t beat life insurance, thanks to that cash value growth over time




Return Rate

Tax Advantaged




Return Rate

Tax Advantaged




Return Rate

Tax Advantaged

Cash Value
Whole Life



Return Rate

Tax Advantaged

    Let's take a closer look at what all this means:

  • Liquid. You can access the policy’s cash value if you need money for, say, an investment opportunity.
  • Safe. You won’t lose any money with a permanent life insurance policy. As long as you keep making payments, your beneficiaries are guaranteed to get the payout when you pass away.
  • Return rate. The rate of return on most savings accounts are pitiful. Your cash value will earn more interest, all with zero risk.
  • Tax advantages. Because you bought your policy with after-tax dollars, you can pull from your cash value without paying any tax on it. Ditto for the death benefit that goes to your beneficiaries.

People invest their money to create future growth and protect what they already have. With life insurance, you can protect your loved ones with the death benefit as well as grow your policy’s cash value to create a future source of supplemental retirement income. That’s why so many wealthy people have life insurance policies!

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Meet the Team

Christine Orris Debby Strouse Tammy Walde
Christine Orris
Team Lead

“I’ve been in the life insurance industry for 25 years. In addition to life insurance, I’m also experienced in disability and property & casualty insurance (home & auto coverage). I especially enjoy helping my higher risk clients find the best possible coverage. The whole purpose of buying life insurance is to protect the ones you love! After hours, you can find me camping, gardening, hiking, boating, and spending time with my wonderful husband, two children, and fur babies.”
Debby Strouse
Insurance Advisor

“I have 17 years of experience in the life insurance industry. I come from a teaching background, so my favorite part of this job is being able to teach someone who’s new to life insurance. I explain that life insurance is for protection. It prevents families from the financial trauma of losing a loved one so their focus can stay on mourning. My mother passed with no insurance, and we had to sell her things to pay for final expenses. I really do care about helping my clients and I don’t want them to go through that. When I’m not at work, my grandchildren and my kids are my world.”
Tammy Walde
Insurance Advisor

“I started in the insurance industry when I was still in high school. Shortly after, I obtained my license and I’ve been helping families with their insurance needs ever since. No one can truly predict the future. But life insurance means you and your loved ones can prepare for the loss of income. I have a client that wanted to set aside money for his daughter’s wedding, if he was not able to be there. That brought me to tears. When I’m not helping clients, I love fishing in local rivers and lakes. Everybody can see me coming with my pink fishing jacket.”

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